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Santa Panic
Santa's parcel-sorting system got badly out of control. Help him get his bags organised before Xmas by solving the 25 mind-bending levels demanding for quick reactions and thinking. Two game modes will entertain you for a long time! Don’t forget Santa is counting on you and the children are hoping for a merry Xmas!

Supported Devices


2650 3100 3105 3108 3120 3125 3152 3155 3155i 3200 3205 3220 3230 3300 3620 3660 5100 5140 6020 6030 6060 6100 6102 6108 6152 6155 6155i 6170 6200 6220 6225 6230 6230i 6235 6235i 6255 6260 6650 6600 6620 6630 6670 6681 6682 6585 6610 6610i 6800 6810 6820 6820 7200 7210 7250 7250i 7260 7270 7600 7610 8800 8801 N70 N91 Select your phone model and buy Santa Panic from Nokia Software Market.

Sony Ericsson

T610 T616 T618 T628 T630 T637 Z600 Z606 Z608 J300 K300 F500 K500 K506 K508 Z500 Z520 W550 K600 V600 W600 K608 K700 K750 D750 V800 W800 Z800 Z1010


SGH- Z105 Z107 Z140 P207 Z300 D307 SGH- D500 Z500 X700 E720 P777 SPH- A700 A880 A920


C65 C65i CV65 SL65 CX65 CX65i M65 S65 SX65 CX70 C75 CX75


GX20 GX22 GX25 GX27 GX30 GX-T25 GX-T300 GZ100 TM-200


RAZR-V3 ROKR-E1 C975 E365 E398 i398 V398 V80 i605 V300 V303 V330 V400 V500 V505 V525 V535 V547 V550 V551 V557 V600 V620 V635 V975 V980 MPx200 MPx220 i860 i870 A845

Playing instructions: UsersGuide.pdf
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